Entryway Systems Calculators

Lafferty Timed Venturi & Pump-Fed Entryway Foam Sanitizers apply a layer of rich foam sanitizer to entryway floors to prevent cross contamination from foot or wheeled traffic.

Venturi Systems

These are water-driven systems that accurately dilute chemical concentrates to required ratios. A container of chemical concentrate is required at each entryway.

This calculator will help you determine the optimum configuration for your venturi entryway foam sanitizers in terms of both cost and flexibility.

Pump-Fed Systems

Pump-Fed Entryway Foam Sanitizing Systems are fed ready-to-use (RTU) chemical solution from a central chemical feed system, eliminating the presence of concentrated chemical at the entryway location.

This calculator will help you determine the optimum chemical feed and pumping system to meet your requirements and also determine the correct header piping size to ensure you have at least 35 PSI solution pressure at each unit.

Venturi Systems Calculator Pump-Fed Systems Calculator
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