Libery PRV 3-Way LC Foamer

LC Foamers are Now Available with Integrated Water Pressure Booster Pumps

Liberty PRV LC Foamers regulate and boost low or widely fluctuating water pressure to ensure consistent dilution ratios and outstanding foam performance.

Available Models
Air Assisted Wall Mount TGSS Foamer

Lafferty Air Assisted Wall Mount Venturi Foamers™

For any size foam cleaning application there is a Lafferty Foamer for the job – from the smallest job up to jumbo jets, parking lots or large buildings, especially food processing plants and equipment.

Lafferty Equipment offers several types of Venturi operated (water driven), compressed air foamers that produce rich, clinging foam for effective cleaning.

Gemini Level Masters

Gemini Level Master™

Dilute & Dispense a 2-Chemical Blend

  • Water-driven, dual-venturi, proportioner
  • Chemicals do not mix as concentrates
  • Dual-float design with fail-safe valve
  • Maximizes chemical resistance to chlorine dioxide and enhances safety
  • Level Master Tanks include rigid suction tube for easy dispensing

Available Models
Fogging Equipment

Fogging Equipment

Hand-Held or Ceiling / Cart Mounted

Lafferty Foggers use compressed air to atomize pre-diluted or ready-to-use chemical and project a wet, damp, or dry fog. There are countless applications!

  • Sanitizing / Disinfecting
  • Odor Control
  • Humidification
  • Spot Cleaning
  • And many Other Uses
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Color-Coded Equipment

Color-Coded Equipment

Did you know?

Color-coding sanitation equipment is a vital step to eliminating cross-contamination and enhancing employee safety.

Avoid chemical accidents, overcome the language barrier, and keep equipment in its designated area. Inquire today!

Available for:
20 Gallon Tanks
Compact Sprayers
Compact Airless Foamers

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Lafferty Equipment: The Right Choice

Chemical Application Equipment

Foamers, sanitizers, sprayers, mixing (proportioning) stations, foggers, asphalt release systems and systems to control cross contamination— are available in configurations to match your requirements, including a wide range of pressures and volumes. Most products are available in portable and wall mount models.

Quality and Innovation

Lafferty Equipment has been an innovator in manufacturing and distributing chemical applicators of uncompromising quality and performance since 1976. We are proud of our reputation as the provider of the broadest range of the highest performing and most durable product lines in the industry.

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