Flow-Thru Water Level Master™ (No Tank)

Model # 989328

The Flow-Thru Water Level Master™ is a float valve system that regulates the flow of water to a low volume proportioner (not included). When the solution in the Level Master Tank (sold separately) drops below a pre-set level, the primary float valve opens to allow water to flow through to the proportioner. The proportioner dilutes concentrated chemical and dispenses the diluted solution into the Level Master Tank. This diluted solution can then be drawn into a second proportioner which dilutes it further and dispenses an ultra-lean solution. The system cycles continuously and a secondary fail-safe float prevents overfilling.

Key Features

  • Regulates the flow of water to a low flow proportioner (up to 4.7 GPM @ 40 PSI) and automatically maintains a pre-set level of ready-to-use chemical solution in a paired tank (sold separately, see options)
  • Dual magnetic float valve design includes a primary valve to regulate normal operation and a secondary fail-safe valve to shut off the system if the primary float valve malfunctions
  • Unsinkable solid polypropylene floats suspended by rigid "push rods" ensure smooth operation and prevent the float valves from sticking in the open position
  • Chemical resistant wetted components ensure years of outstanding performance with minimal maintenance
  • Industrial-strength design holds up in tough environments
  • Paired tanks are available in several sizes and include inlet and discharge ports to facilitate filling and dispensing


  • Water supply inlet strainer
  • Water supply shut-off ball valve
  • 2 magnetic float valves (primary and fail-safe) with solid polypropylene floats suspended by rigid CPVC push rods
  • Lid for a paired tank (tank not included)
Water Level Master Tank See Options
Water Supply Up to 4.7 GPM @ 40 PSI
Water Pressure 125 PSI Max
Proportioner(s) Not Included
Level Master Tank Sizes (Specify When Ordering)
Tank, 7 Gallon, with Suction Stem# 709187
Tank, 16 Gallon, with Suction Stem# 709188
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