16 Gallon Mini-Central System Complete

Model # 989155

The 16 Gallon Mini-Central System Complete is an automatic chemical proportioner with pump that delivers pressurized, diluted chemical to Foamers, Entryway Sanitizers, and other Pump Fed Applicators. The compact design includes all of the back-room components for a small Pump Fed Central System. A 1/2" Sandpiper Air Pump draws diluted chemical from the 16 gallon tank and delivers it to the application points (up to 9 GPM @ 60 PSI). When the solution in the tank drops below a pre-set level, the Level Master™ float valve opens an air-activated water solenoid to start diluting chemical using city water pressure (35 - 125 PSI). The tank refills at 5 GPM @ 40 PSI and the system cycles continuously.  A secondary fail-safe float prevents overfilling.

Key Features
  • Automatically maintains a pre-set level of ready-to-use chemical solution in the 16 gallon tank
  • A rugged Sandpiper AODD Pump delivers chemical to user-supplied applicators as a central chemical feed system
  • Refills at 5 GPM @ 40 PSI and is capable of running several Pump Fed Foamers or Pump Fed Entryway Foam Sanitizers
  • Dual magnetic float valve design includes a primary valve to regulate normal operation and a secondary fail-safe valve to shut off the system if the primary float valve malfunctions
  • Unsinkable solid polypropylene floats suspended by rigid "push rods" ensure smooth operation and prevent the float valves from sticking in the open position
  • Dilution ratio controlled with precision metering tips
  • Self-contained design is ideal for smaller scale situations
  • Available with higher flow rates and larger tanks to operate more units (#989106, 989108)
  • Industrial-strength design holds up in tough environments


  • Stainless steel wall mounting bracket
  • 16 gallon, heavy-duty, polyethylene chemical tank 
  • Sandpiper 1/2" Poly/Teflon Pump (Kynar/Teflon upgrade available)
  • Air inlet ball valve
  • Air regulator and gauge
  • 2 machined magnetic float valves (primary and fail-safe) with solid polypropylene floats suspended by rigid CPVC push rods
  • Air-activated water solenoid
  • Machined polypropylene injector body
  • 20 color-coded precision metering tips to set dilution ratios
  • 10' flexible discharge hose
Chemical Concentrate
Temperature up to 160°F
Pressure 35 to 125 PSI
Flow 5 GPM @ 40 PSI
Supply Line 3/4"
Compressed Air up to 12 CFM
Dilution Ratio Range 1,143:1 to 11:1 @ 40 PSI
Air Pump Diaphragm Options - Santoprene Standard
Teflon Diaphragm Upgrade For 1/2" Air Pump# 710919
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