Gemini™ Model 25 Push Lever Mixing Station

Model # 982025PL

The Gemini™ Model 25 Push Lever Mixing Station is an ASSE 1055 certified chemical proportioner that will simultaneously dilute and blend two chemical concentrates into one accurately diluted solution and dispense it into any sized container. The unique Gemini™ "double venturi" injection system incorporates two completely separated venturis in one injector body and uses city water pressure (25 - 125 PSI) to draw and blend 2 chemical concentrates into the water stream independently so that the chemicals never mix until they are diluted. Dilution ratios are controlled independently with precision metering tips. Push Lever Mixing Stations require the user to push and hold the lever to dispense.

Key Features
  • Hands-on, push lever activation prevents the unit from running unattended
  • Eliminates manual mixing and optimizes chemical utilization, employee safety and labor efficiency
  • The unique Gemini™ proportioner draws 2 chemical concentrates and blends them downstream after dilution
  • Water pressure gauge eliminates guessing, reduces set-up time and helps with troubleshooting
  • Dilution ratios are controlled independently for each chemical using precision metering tips
  • Water flow rate of 2.2 GPM @ 40 PSI
  • Chemical resistant wetted components ensure years of outstanding performance with minimal maintenance
  • Industrial-strength design holds up in tough environments
  • Choice of left or right side water inlet
  • Mixing stations can be plumbed in series
  • Certified to ASSE Standard 1055 for backflow prevention
  • Available with ball-valve activation (#982025)
  • See chemical management systems in Catalog 9


  • Stainless steel mounting bracket
  • Heavy-duty bronze actuation valve
  • Machined polypropylene Gemini™ injector body
  • Integrated brass hose connection vacuum breaker
  • Easy-to-read water pressure gauge for accurate tip selection
  • 20 color-coded metering tips to set dilution ratios
  • (2) 6' chemical suction tubes with strainers
  • 4.5' open flow discharge tube
Chemical Concentrate
Temperature up to 160°F
Pressure 25 to 125 PSI
Flow 2.2 GPM @ 40 PSI
Supply Line 1/2"
Dilution Ratio Range 503:1 to 3:1 @ 40 PSI
Stainless Steel Jug Racks
Jug Rack, SS, 1 Gallon, Round/Square# 224200
Jug Rack, SS, 2 1/2 Gallon# 224210
Jug Rack, SS, 5 Gallon, Round/Square# 224215
Safe Flow Lid™ for 1 Gallon Jugs
Lid, Suction Tube, and Strainer# 709101
Alternate Chemical Check Valve - EPDM Standard
Check Valve, Chemical, PP, 1/4" (Viton)# 491402
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