105HCDU FPV Mixing Station

Model # 980135

The 105HCDU FPV Mixing Station blends three (3) liquid products (chemicals and/or water) into a single solution and dispenses into any container. This unique proportioning system uses an air-operated pump to draw the first product from a user-supplied container and provide the fluid pressure for a venturi injector that draws in the remaining products.  Metering tips control the rate at which the second and third chemicals are drawn into the first, and the resulting solution mixes thoroughly prior to being discharged through the open flow hose.

Key Features

  • Driven by a compressed-air-operated pump
  • Creates and dispenses a single ready-to-use solution from three compatible liquids (chemicals and/or water)
  • Allows for a wide range of mix ratios
  • The pump draws a primary chemical (or water) and supplies the fluid pressure for the venturi injector to draw in the second and third chemicals.
  • Metering plugs / metering tips regulate the intake of chemicals #2 and #3
  • Eliminates manual mixing and optimizes chemical utilization, employee safety and labor efficiency
  • Draws chemicals (or water) from user-supplied containers
  • Flow rate of just over 1 GPM
  • Chemical resistant wetted components and industrial-strength design holds up in tough environments
  • Requires only compressed air to operate
  • Ball valve activation allows for hands-free dispensing
  • Pump mounted on a unique Lafferty quick-release, stainless steel bracket to easily replace pumps
  • Available with an electric pump (#980136)


  • Lockable, stainless steel enclosure
  • Air inlet ball valve and regulator/filter with pressure gauge
  • FloJet AODD Pump with Viton diaphragms
  • Stainless steel quick release pump bracket
  • Machined polypropylene, dual pickup injector body
  • Metering plugs to set 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1 dilution ratios
  • Blank metering plug (user can drill to size)
  • 10 color-coded precision metering tips
  • Suction tubes with stainless steel strainers (3)
  • Open flow discharge hose, 3/4" x 5'
Three (3) Liquids to Mix
Compressed Air up to 3 CFM
Discharge Hose 1/2" x 5' (Open Flow)
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