Timed Entryway Satellite Controller - 24VAC

Model # 976625-24V

The Timed Entryway Satellite Controller (24V) is a control box used to regulate the operation of up to 10 Satellite Entryway Foam Sanitizers in applying rich foam to multiple entryway floors at regular, timed intervals, to prevent cross contamination from foot or wheeled traffic. The Satellite Controller is equipped with an air solenoid and an adjustable recycle timer. Compressed air is used to activate and run the Satellite Entryway Foamers, without the need for electrical connections at the Satellites. Activation will start the flow of water/solution to the foamers; deactivation stops the flow of water/solution through the foamers. All foamers activate and deactivate at the same time, continually 24/7. This unit requires 24VAC electrical input - a locally sourced standard step-down transformer is required.

Key Features
  • Controls up to 10 Walk Door Satellite Entryway Foam Sanitizers
  • Adjustable dual-function timer provides regular application cycles (up to 62 seconds on and up to 62 minutes off)
  • Runs 24/7 unless the power switch is manually turned off
  • Designed to control any combination of Satellite units:
    • Satellite Foam (Walk Door)
    • Satellite MV Foam (Double Door)
    • Satellite HV Foam (Wide/Overhead Door)
  • Works with venturi and pump fed Satellite Entryways
  • All foamers activate and deactivate on the same schedule
  • Available with variable timer settings to account for holidays, special hours and off-peak demand (#976630-24V)
  • Available to control multiple Satellite Entryway zones on different schedules (#976710-24V)
  • Available for 120VAC electricity (#976625)
  • See more Lafferty entryway systems in Catalog 6


  • NEMA rated control box (24V)
  • Dual-function timer (run/delay)
  • Auto / off / manual override switch
  • Electric-activated air solenoid
Electrical Rating ~ 24V, 50/60Hz, 20W
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