Push Button Upgrade for Venturi Entryway Foam Sanitizers (Specify at Time of Purchase)

Model # 976001PB

The Push Button Upgrade allows any Venturi Timed Entryway Foam Sanitizer to be activated via a remote push button and apply foam to the entryway floor, "on-demand", for a set amount of time.  Timer settings are field adjustable.  This upgrade must be specified at the time of purchase.

Key Features
  • This factory-installed upgrade is available for any venturi Timed Entryway Foam Sanitizer at the time of purchase
  • Applies foam to the entryway floor when the large remote button is pressed
  • Adjustable timer controls the length of application, preventing costly over-application
  • Chemical resistant wetted components ensure durability and years of reliable service with minimal maintenance
  • Available for 24VAC electric (#976001PB-24V)
  • Available for Pump Fed Entryway Foam Sanitizers (#976003PB)
  • See Catalog 6 for other entryway configurations
  • NEMA rated control box with run timer
  • Remote push button with 30' wire
  • Water activation solenoid
Electric 120V
Entryway Foam Sanitizer 976500, 976505, 976530, or 976560
Available for 24V Electric
Entryway Push Button Upgrade, 24V# 976001PB-24V
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