Timed FPV-MM Asphalt Release Sprayer

Model # 974323-TD

The Timed FPV-MM Asphalt Release Sprayer is a chemical spray applicator for diluting and projecting asphalt release chemicals on to truck beds or tools to prevent asphalt from sticking. Designed for facilities with low or no water pressure. This system features a lockable, stainless steel enclosure and uses a cost-effective 1/4" Flojet air-operated, double-diaphragm pump to draw chemical concentrate and water from separate static tanks and blend them to create virtually any dilution ratio. The solution is then projected through the hose, trigger gun, wand and fan nozzle. When the activation button is pushed, a dual-timer controls the length of application and the delay time which prevents the driver from immediately restarting the system.

Key Features
  • Projects asphalt release chemicals on to truck beds and asphalt tools as a spray
  • The cost-effective 1/4" Flojet AODD pump draws water and chemical concentrate from static tanks
  • The metering manifold blends water and chemical concentrate "on-the-fly" to achieve a wide range of dilution ratios
  • The push button activated, adjustable, single-shot timer will apply chemical for up to 6 minutes and then delay for up to 6 minutes to prevent over-application and waste
  • Fan pattern spray for fast, efficient application
  • Chemical resistant wetted components
  • Available for pre-diluted chemicals (#974321-TD)
  • See other industrial chemical applicators in Catalog 8


  • Lockable, stainless steel pump enclosure
  • Control box with run/delay timers and push button
  • Air inlet ball valve & air regulator
  • Machined polypropylene metering manifold
  • 1/4" Flojet AODD pump (Viton diaphragms)
  • 25' foam hose with trigger gun
  • Stainless steel extension wand & fan nozzle
Chemical Concentrate
Static Tank of Water
Compressed Air up to 4 CFM
Hose 1/2" ID x 25'
Nozzle 2520
Stainless Steel Hose Racks
Small Stainless Steel Hose Rack# 224145
Stainless Steel Jug Racks
2 ½ Gal. (8 ½'' x 10 ½'') # 224210
5 Gallon (12" x 12") Round/Square# 224215
5 Gallon, Round (Locking)# 224216
Drum & Tote Stick Lengths, Styles & Seal Materials
Drum Stick, 33" (Viton or EPDM)# 491643 / 491643-E
Drum Stick, 48" (Viton or EPDM)# 491648 / 491648-E
Drum Stick, 54" (Viton or EPDM)# 491645 / 491645-E
Tote Stick, 33" (Viton or EPDM)# 491653 / 491653-E
Tote Stick, 48" (Viton or EPDM)# 491654 / 491654-E
Tote Stick, 54" (Viton or EPDM)# 491656 / 491656-E
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