A-40 SS Airless Foam Wand W/ Fan Nozzle

Model # 969402

Designed to replace the black soap nozzle on pressure washers that use a factory chemical injector. The A-40 Airless Foam Wand quick connects to a pressure washer gun and injects atmospheric air into the chemical solution to greatly increase volume and coverage ability. This stainless steel unit will create and project wet, clinging foam on to any surface in a fan pattern or zero degree stream for increased foam throw distance.

Key Features
  • Designed for pressure washers equipped with a factory chemical injector
  • Replaces your black soap nozzle with an airless foam wand that projects wet, clinging foam to increase chemical contact time & effectiveness
  • Foaming expands the chemical solution and reduces over-application by providing visual assurance of coverage
  • Applying foam lowers the application pressure and allows for more delicate surfaces to be cleaned with a pressure washer
  • Fan pattern nozzle for fast, even application
  • Remove the fan nozzle for increased range
  • Industrial-strength, all stainless steel design ensures durability and reliable performance
  • Available without a fan nozzle (#969400)
  • Available as a combination system with a stainless steel chemical injector and sprayer nozzle (#969720)
  • See other Lafferty high pressure applicators in Catalog 3
  • Machined stainless steel airless foam wand
  • Machined stainless steel fan nozzle (removable)
  • Stainless steel quick connect plug
Water Temperature up to 180°F
Pressure Washer Must have factory equipped chemical injector that operates properly using a black soap nozzle
Discharge Hose 3/8" ID minimum
Pressure Washer Hose & Trigger Gun
HP 3/8" x 50' Hose & Trigger Gun Kit# 807069
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