Pump Fed Fogger Zone Control Kit

Model # 950850

Pump Fed Fogger Zone Control Kits are used in conjunction with a PLC Vision Controller to operate Pump Fed Foggers in multiple zones.  Air-activated solenoids receive a compressed air signal from the controller (sold separately) to regulate the flow of compressed air and chemical solution to the foggers.  A Bleed Tank Assembly keeps the air line open momentarily to clear residual chemical solution from fogger heads to prevent dripping after the solution flow is deactivated.

Key Features
  • This kit is used in each zone of a pump fed fogging system
  • A pair of air-activated solenoids regulate the flow of compressed air and chemical solution to pump fed foggers in the zone
  • Solenoids receive a pilot signal from a PLC Vision Pump Fed Fogger Controller to open or close
  • A unique in-line Metered Bleed Tank Assembly keeps the air solenoid momentarily open after the solution solenoid closes to allow the air to clear residual solution from the foggers and prevent dripping after shutoff
  • Air bleed time is adjustable using metering tips
  • When fogging with off-gassing chemicals, such as PAA, each zone should be equipped with a metered bleed assembly (#950852)
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  • 1" brass air-activated air solenoid
  • 1/2" stainless steel air-activated solution solenoid
  • Metered Bleed Tank Assembly
  • Metering tips
Controller to regulate air-operated solenoids 3 or 6-Zone PLC Vision Controller
Solution piping to foggers 1/2" ID
Air piping to foggers 1" ID
Metered Bleed Assembly
Required for Off-Gassing Chemicals# 950852
Optional Stainless Steel Solenoids
PF Fogger Zone Control Kit W/ SS Solenoids# 950850SS
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