6-Zone PLC Vision PF Fogger Controller

Model # 950846

The 6-Zone PLC Vision Pump Fed Fogger Controller is designed to allow independent control of fogging in multiple rooms and/or different areas of a large room. Any combination of 8-Way, 4-Way or 2-Way Pump Fed foggers can be operated within a zone. The number of foggers that can be supported in each zone will depend on the capacity of the air compressor. The Vision Controller provides highly flexible programmable settings with multiple options for controlling each zone. Settings include those for fogging start time, length of application, time delay between applications, days of the week and days of the month.

Key Features
  • Controls up to 6 zones of Pump Fed Foggers
  • Any combination of 8-Way, 4-Way and 2-Way Pump Fed Foggers can be included in any of the 6 zones
  • The number of foggers that can be supported in each zone will depend on the capacity of the air compressor installed at the facility. For example,
    • 300 CFM of air will operate up to four 8-Way or eight 4-Way 305 Pump Fed Foggers - or any equivalent combination
    • If more compressed air is available, more foggers can be added to each zone. If less compressed air is available, fewer foggers can be supported in each zone
  • Each zone is programmed independently. All Pump Fed Foggers in the same zone will activate and deactivate according to the programmed parameters for that zone
  • Fully adjustable timer allows variable settings for holidays, weekly or seasonal changes in hours
  • Straightforward, menu-driven programming options
  • Manual override on/off, without affecting the programming
  • Each zone requires a Pump Fed Fogger Zone Control Kit (#950850) which includes a 1" Brass Air Activated air solenoid, a 1/2" Stainless Steel Air Activated solution solenoid and a Bleed Tank assembly
  • When fogging with off-gassing chemicals, such as PAA, each zone should be equipped with a metered bleed assembly (#950852)
  • Available with 3 zones (#950843)
  • Available for 24VAC electricity (#950846-24V)
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  • Visit www.laffertyequipment.com/tools/fogger/index.php to use our handy fogger planning tool


  • NEMA rated control box (120V)
  • 6 Zone multifunction timer and user-interface
  • Individual zone isolation switches, system "Kill" switch and lock-out key
  • Electric-activated air solenoids
Electrical Rating ~ 110/120V, 50/60Hz, 20W
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