Fogger Single Cycle Controller - 460 CFM

Model # 950802

When activated, the Fogger Single Cycle Controller starts fogger operation immediately and runs for a predetermined period of time — up to 2.84 hours — then switches off. The run time is set by selecting toggle switches that total the number of seconds of desired application time. The total air CFM requirement of all the foggers connected to this controller must be less than 460 CFM, which is the air CFM capacity of the controller's 3/4 inch solenoid. (For a lower air capacity requirement of 180 CFM and below, see controller model #950800.)

Key Features
  • Controls any combination of 8-Way, 4-Way and 2-Way Pump Fed Foggers
  • The number of foggers that can be supported depends on the combined air CFM requirements of the foggers, not to exceed 460 CFM total.*
  • Timer allows for run times from several seconds to 2.84 hours (10,230 seconds)
  • Lockable, chemical resistant controller box
  • Brass air solenoid
  • On/Off switch with green, lighted "on" indicator
  • Visit to use our handy fogger planning tool
  • *(For a lower air capacity requirement of up to 180 CFM, see controller model #950800.)


  • NEMA rated control box (120V)
  • Single Cycle Timer
  • Electric-activated 3/4" air solenoid, 460 CFM capacity

Basics of Selecting a Fogger Controller

  • Select the type and number of foggers for the intended application
  • Add up the total CFM required for the selected foggers
  • The total CFM will determine what size solenoid is required: 
    • 1/2 inch for up to 180 CFM;
    • 3/4 inch for 181 to 460 CFM
  • Select the controller that matches the total CFM requirements and has the functionality required for the application
Electric 120V / 2 Amps
Compressed Air Up to 460 CFM
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