Fogger Single Cycle Controller - 180CFM

Model # 950800

When activated, the Fogger Single Cycle Controller starts fogger operation immediately and runs for a predetermined period of time — up to 2.84 hours — then switches off. The run time is set by selecting toggle switches that total the number of seconds of desired application time.

NOTE: The total air CFM requirement of all the foggers connected to this controller must be less than 180 CFM, which is the air CFM capacity of the controller's 1/2 inch solenoid. (For a higher capacity of up to 460 CFM see controller model #950802.)

Key Features
  • Controls any combination of 8-Way, 4-Way and 2-Way Pump Fed Foggers
  • The number of foggers that can be supported depends on the combined air CFM requirements of the foggers, not to exceed 180 CFM total.*
  • Timer allows for run times from several seconds to 2.84 hours (10,230 seconds)
  • Lockable, chemical resistant controller box
  • Brass air solenoid
  • On/Off switch with green, lighted "on" indicator
  • Visit to use our handy fogger planning tool
  • *(For a higher air capacity of up to 460 CFM, see controller model #950802.)


  • NEMA rated control box (120V)
  • Single Cycle Timer
  • Electric-activated 1/2" air solenoid, 180 CFM capacity

Basics of Selecting a Fogger Controller

  • Select the type and number of foggers for the intended application
  • Add up the total CFM required for the selected foggers
  • The total CFM will determine what size solenoid is required: 
    • 1/2 inch for up to 180 CFM;
    • 3/4 inch for 181 to 460 CFM
  • Select the controller that matches the total CFM requirements and has the functionality required for the application
Electric 120V / 2 Amps
Compressed Air Up to 180 CFM
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