Pump Up Foamer Pro, 1.5 Gallon (EPDM Seals)

Model # 925004-E

The 1.5 Gallon Pump-Up Foamer Pro is a portable foam applicator for applying foaming chemicals to any surface as high-quality, rich, clinging foam. The EPDM o-rings and internal seals are resistant to caustic chemicals, which are commonly used for hood and vent cleaning. This professional model projects foam in a wide fan pattern for quick, but still precise, foam coverage. The 1.5 Gallon Pump-Up Foamer Pro features a heavy-duty hose, trigger gun, and extension wand and combines the many advantages of foam cleaning with the familiar ease and portability of a typical pump-up sprayer.

Key Features
  • Creates rich, clinging foam that adheres to surfaces longer to maximize chemical effectiveness
  • Combines the advantages of foam application with the familiar ease and portability of a pump-up sprayer
  • Projects the ideal amount of foam for small or large jobs requiring maximum portability
  • Foaming expands the chemical and reduces over-application by providing visual assurance of coverage
  • Just fill the tank with ready-to-use chemical solution, pump it up and foam!
  • Heavy-duty, easy-grip trigger gun with locking latch
  • Wide fan pattern nozzle for fast application
  • EPDM o-rings and internal seals are resistant to caustic chemicals, ideal for hood and vent cleaning
  • Available with Viton/Nitrile seals (#925004)
  • Available with a 3 gallon tank and compressed air "quick charge" valve (#925005-E)
  • Prepare perfectly blended chemical solutions with a Lafferty Mixing Station
  • See other portable chemical applicators in Catalog 11


  • Heavy-duty 1.5 gallon polyethylene tank with UV inhibitor
  • Heavy-duty manual pump
  • EPDM seals and o-rings (Viton kit available)
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Machined foamer body
  • 6' discharge hose
  • Heavy-duty trigger gun with EPDM internal seals
  • Polypropylene 10" wand & stainless steel fan nozzle
Ready-to-Use Chemical Solution
Temperature up to 120°F
Repair Kit
O Ring & Seal Repair Kit (Viton)# 709040
O-Ring & Seal Repair Kit (EPDM)# 709040-E
Silicone Lubricant, 5 Gram Tube# 709049
Proportioning / Filling Options
1-Way Ball Valve Mixing Station (4 GPM)# 985100
1-Way Push Lever Mixing Station (4 GPM)# 981100
Optional Zero Degree Nozzle (For Increased Range)
Nozzle, SS, 1/4" - 0030# 180030
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