Triple Foam Stick Set

Model # 910310

The Triple Foam Stick Set is a foam applicator designed for car-wash pre-soak, brush lubrication or to apply any 3 foaming products. This unit receives 3 ready-to-use chemicals from a pumping system and injects compressed air to increase the solution volume and create thick, rich, clinging foam. The foam is then evenly projected through the 7 foot foam stick assemblies. A fixed flow rate allows the user to use just one air valve to adjust the foam quality for all 3 foam sticks simultaneously. This system is great for retrofitting and for new installations.

Key Features
  • Evenly applies 3 chemicals as rich, clinging foam
  • Receives chemicals from a chemical pumping system
  • Fixed flow rate to ensure consistent cost-per-application
  • Easy to calibrate!  Adjust all 3 foam sticks with a single air valve to achieve the desired foam consistency
  • No moving or wear parts virtually eliminates the need for constant maintenance and parts replacement
  • Chemical-resistant components ensure durability and years of reliable performance
  • To allow for customization in any facility, this unit requires user-supplied tubing for installation (see requirements for tubing sizes)
  • Available with a complete pumping system (#910330)
  • Available as a single foam stick set (#910061)
  • See more Lafferty vehicle wash equipment in Catalog 10


  • 6 precision-drilled, clear PVC foam sticks (3 per assembly)
  • 6 tube-lock solution check valves (Viton seals)
  • 6 machined polypropylene foamer bodies
  • 2 air adjustment needle valves (1 per assembly)
Ready to Use Chemical Solution
Solution Pressure 40 - 60 PSI
Flow Rate up to 1.55 GPM
Compressed Air up to 1.5 CFM
Liquid tubing - pump to tee 1/2" I.D.
Liquid tubing - tee to foam sticks 3/8" I.D.
Tubing from air supply 1/4" I.D.
Air and Chemical Tubing (Order in 10' Increments)
Air, Polyflow, 1/4" x 1'# 475200FT
Solution, Pump to Tee, Polyflow, 1/2" x 1'# 475400FT
Solution, Tee to Foamer, Polyflow, 3/8" x 1'# 475300FT
Alternate Check Valve (Viton Standard)
TL Check Valve, PVC / EPDM, 3/8"# 491456-E
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