5-Way Safe Flow™ Lid for 1 Gallon Jugs

Part Number # 709101-5

Safe Flow Lids™ provide safe and convenient dispensing of chemicals from 1 gallon containers. The threaded lid keeps out contaminants, reduces odors and prevents chemical splashing and spillage. These unique, heavy-duty, machined polypropylene lids attach to chemical suction tubes with a 1/4" hose barb and can be quickly unscrewed and attached to another container or easily removed and stored. Includes a strainer and suction assembly to place inside the chemical container. Available with various lid threads.

Key Features

  • This unique 5-Way model allows up to 5 suction tubes to draw from the same container
  • 1/4" hose barbs connect directly to suction tubes to facilitate dispensing
  • Safe and convenient way to prevent contaminants from getting into the chemical and to reduce odors
  • Minimize the risks from splashing and spillage
  • Quickly unscrews from one jug and attaches to another to quickly replace an empty chemical container
  • Ideal for Mixing Stations that dilute the same chemical at different flow rates and/or dilution ratios
  • Also fits the pull-up spouts on some 5 gallon pails


  • 5-Way Safe Flow Lid™
  • 14" of 1/4" flexible suction tubing
  • Hastelloy strainer
  • (5) 1/4" hose barbs
  • (4) 1/4" plugs for unused ports

IMPORTANT: 5-Way Safe Flow™ Lids can ONLY be used with Mixing Stations and units with 491402 / 491401 or other spring-loaded check valves.

Chemical Container

Fits most 1 gallon jugs (~38mm thread OD)
Alternate Thread Styles/Sizes Available Upon Request​​​​​
Unit with Suitable Check Valve Mixing Stations and units with 491402 / 491401 or other spring-loaded check valves
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