Metering Tips, PVDF - Color Coded (11)

Part Number # 443784K

Chemical management made simpler, neater, cleaner and safer. Convenient accessories to complement our wide range of chemical application equipment.

Set of 11 Color-Coded Metering Tips
  • A metering tip is used to control the amount of chemical being drawn into the water stream in a Venturi body
  • The metering tip is installed in the chemical suction tube
  • Each color-coded tip allows chemical to flow through the tip at a specific rate (measured in oz. per minute)
  • The final dilution ratio produced by each tip varies based on the water volume (GPM) and pressure (PSI) flowing through the Venturi body of the specific unit being installed
  • Refer to the Metering Tip Selection Chart in the Installation & Operation Instructions to choose the appropriate tip
  • The online Lafferty Metering Tip Calculator assists with these calculations
  • Precision molded PVDF construction for enhanced chemical resistance (standard metering tips are polypropylene)
Do not over-tighten metering tips during installation
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