Flojet Pump Quick Release Bracket, SS

Part Number # 226095BRKT

Designed by Lafferty specifically for use with the Flojet G57 air pump, the Lafferty Quick Release Bracket allows easy removal and replacement of the air pump, without tools.

Adds a quick-release capability to any Flojet G57 pump installation

  • Included as a standard component in most Lafferty systems with a Flojet G57 Air pump (for example, FPS Transfer Systems; Liberty and Liberty LF foamers and sprayers).
  • Bracket consists of a single, laser-cut stainless steel plate with precision bends and a riveted top clamp.
  • Includes mounting tabs with pre-drilled holes
  • Clamp securely holds pump in place while allowing quick release without tools

To install pump

  • Place bottom lip of pump against base of bracket, behind the metal tabs
  • Push top of pump back against the bracket until the top clamp snaps firmly over the lip of the pump

To remove pump

  • Grasp the pump firmly with one hand
  • Press up on the top clamp to release the pump
  • Gently pull the top of the pump forward to clear the clamp
  • Lift the pump upward and slightly forward away from the bracket

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