Stainless Steel Compact Foamer/Sprayer Rack

Part Number # 224301

This heavy duty, all stainless steel rack is the ideal way to store Compact Foamers, Sprayers and other hose-end attachments to protect them from accidental damage and abuse.

Key Features
  • Accommodates any Lafferty Compact Foamer or Sprayer - including city water pressure units (machined polypropylene) and high pressure units (stainless steel)
  • Slide the nozzle into the round opening and set the quick connect fitting in the cradle
  • Works with the activation gun/valve and hose assembly attached, or store just the bottle and injector assembly
  • Creates a proper storage solution for compact units and reduces equipment loss
  • Protects your equipment investment by discouraging damage due to dropping and dragging compact units
  • Makes it easy to switch between different compact units or chemicals
  • Simple, curved stainless steel design has no seams or pockets to trap unsanitary debris
  • Left-handed model available (contact us for details)


  • 4.25" wide
  • 2" high
  • 3.5" max. protrusion from wall
  • 1/4" mount holes (mounting hardware not included)
Compatible with all Lafferty Compact Foamers and Sprayers, and many other hose-end attachments
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