Central Pump Fed Foam Cleaning and Sanitizing Installations

Choosing and Sizing a Central Chemical Feed System for Pump Fed Applicators

We offer all of the equipment (except the piping) required to complete the installation of a Central Pump Fed Foam Cleaning and Sanitizing System for use in Food & Beverage production plants.

There are essentially two elements to designing such an installation:

  1. Application Equipment can be used to apply foam cleaner, to rinse and to apply sanitizing solution.
  2. Central Chemical Feed Systems to deliver diluted chemical solution to the applicators

Each plant will have its own individual requirements for sanitation and the choice of applicator units will reflect each plant's requirements and preferences. In order to get started, a determination must be made as to which units are to be used and how many of them are required - the units can be all the same or can be any combination of pump fed applicators.

Once the type and quantity of the units has been determined, it is necessary to decide how many of the units will be running at the same time and also how far away the farthest unit from the chemical supply room will be. The Central Chemical Feed System will need to be sized accordingly, as will the pipe sizing required to carry the foam and sanitizing solutions to the units.

To assist in these calculations, an easy-to-use on-line tool will guide you through the process of sizing the equipment needed for the Central Chemical Feed Systems and also determine the optimum pipe sizing to ensure that a minimum solution pressure of 35 psi is available at every applicator location. This tool can be found at the following link:


Follow the step by step process by entering the required information (detailed above) or change the quantity or the number of units running at the same time (if desired), and the tool will provide you with information necessary to complete the installation design.

The tool will allow you to print the results and also to create an order form with all the required equipment. This order form can be converted to pdf format and e-mailed or printed.

Important Points to note about Pump Fed Installations:

  • A check valve is required on the solution inlet to the foamer to help prevent compressed air from flowing back to the pumping system (under certain non-compliant operating conditions).
  • To prevent blocking the small jets in the units, flush any new solution and compressed air plumbing of all debris before connecting. (And/or install a strainer.)
  • If piping is older or has known contaminants, install a filter.
  • If compressed air to the unit is not supplied on a dedicated airline, it is advisable to install an additional check valve on the shared airline to help avoid potential damage to other equipment in the event of an air check valve failure. Installed check valve is EPDM - additional check valve should be Viton.
  • Solution Level Masters must be installed on flat surfaces to prevent the level control float from becoming jammed.
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