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Venturi Entryway Systems

Welcome to the Lafferty Venturi Entryway Foam Sanitizing Systems Calculator
This tool will assist in determining the optimum configuration for your venturi entryway foam sanitizers in terms of cost and flexibility. The tool will also tell you what water volume each configuration will require. Each unit must have a minimum of 35 PSI water pressure.

Model Description Qty Price
976500 Timed Entryway Foam Sanitizer 0 $0.00
976530 Timed Entryway MV Foam Sanitizer 0 $0.00
976560 Timed Entryway HV Foam Sanitizer 0 $0.00
Grand Total: $0.00

Peak Flow (Water):
Nominally can come on at different times

0.00 GPM

This is the "standard" installation configuration.

It is also the easiest to install and the most flexible to run.

When a larger number of units are involved, it may be necessary to adjust the timers in them to ensure that the number actually foaming at the same time does not exceed the water volume available.

Model Description Qty Price
976650 Satellite Entryway Foam Sanitizer 0 $0.00
976651 Satellite Entryway MV Foam Sanitizer 0 $0.00
976652 Satellite Entryway HV Foam Sanitizer 0 $0.00
976625 Timed Entryway Satellite Controller 0 $0.00
Grand Total: $0.00

Peak Flow (Water):

0.00 GPM

This configuration may provide some savings, but when a larger number of units are involved, they will all be running at the same time. You should ensure that available water volume (GPM) and available compressed air are adequate for your intended system configuration.

Prices shown are MSRP and are used to illustrate the relative difference in costs for each of the system configurations. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
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