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Lafferty Vehicle Wash Systems are designed to save the operator time and money. Drive Through and Manual Application Systems are available for any size operation or method of washing. Systems can utilize pre-diluted chemical or dilute chemical concentrate on demand. Ease of operation and low maintenance requirements make Lafferty Vehicle Wash Systems a great addition to any new or existing facility. While any Lafferty product can be used in a carwash setting, Lafferty Vehicle Wash Systems represent some of our most popular and effective equipment organized in one convenient location.

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Triple Foam Stick Set
Model: 910310
The Triple Foam Stick Set is a foam applicator designed for car-wash pre-soak, brush lubrication or to apply any 3 foaming products. This unit receives 3 ready-to-use chemicals from a pumping system and injects compressed air to increase the solution volume and create thick,... [Read More]
The WPS Triple Foam System is easy to install and operate! This system uses 3 rugged, air-operated, double-diaphragm Warren-Rupp pumps to either draw ready-to-use chemicals or to draw water and chemical concentrate from static tanks and accurately blend them using precision ... [Read More]
The 3-Bar Pump Fed Truck Foam Arch is an adjustable, drive-through foam applicator for washing large vehicles. This unit receives ready-to-use chemical solution from a user-supplied central chemical feed system and injects compressed air to greatly increase volume and covera... [Read More]
3-Bar Truck Foam Arch
Model: 910930
The 3-Bar Truck Foam Arch is a drive-through foam applicator for washing large vehicles and features 3 foam bar assemblies mounted above and and at the sides of the vehicle for complete coverage. This venturi injection unit uses city water pressure (40 - 125 PSI) to draw and... [Read More]
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