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Wall Mount Sanitizers feature the signature Lafferty Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket.

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The 2-Way W-20SS Spray-All is a water-driven spray applicator for applying up to 2 chemical solutions on to a variety of surfaces at 3.11 GPM @ 700 PSI. This stainless steel venturi injection system uses high water pressure (400 - 1000 PSI) to draw and blend chemical concent... [Read More]
Pump Fed Sanitizer
Model: 919155
The Pump Fed Sanitizer is a spray applicator for applying chemical solutions, such as sanitizers in food processing facilities, to a variety of surfaces at 1.7 GPM @ 40 PSI. This unit receives ready-to-use chemical solution from a central chemical feed system and projects it... [Read More]
Drum Sticks and Tote Sticks
Part Numbers: 491643 - 491656
Drum Sticks and Tote Sticks are chemical pick-up assemblies for use with pump operated or venturi systems to draw chemical concentrates or diluted chemical solution directly from a drum, tote or holding tank. Comes complete with a Hastelloy chemical strainer, polypropylene c... [Read More]
Stainless Steel "Y" Strainers
Model: 150340-1, 150350-1, 150355-1
Stainless Steel "Y" Strainers filter incoming water or chemical to prevent debris from entering the system.  Available for any Venturi or Pump Fed system based on the unit inlet size. [Read More]
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