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General Purpose Mixing Stations dilute one or more chemicals and dispense at the appropriate flow rate. "High Concentrate" (HC) Mixing Stations are capable of achieving strong dilution ratios (up to 1:1).

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The 1-Way FPS MM Transfer System is a air pump driven chemical transfer system designed to blend 2 compatible chemical concentrates, or 1 chemical concentrate with water, and dispense the solution into any sized container. This unit uses a FloJet air pump to draw the 2 liqui... [Read More]
Dosatron Single Panel
Model: 909900-D
Dosatron Injectors are water-driven, non-electrical, proportional dispensing systems that dilute chemical concentrates to required ratios and deliver RTU chemical solution to pump fed applicators. For convenience and ease of installation, the Dosatron Single Panel features a... [Read More]
The 1-Way Pharma SS Mixing Station With Trigger Gun is a turnkey, industrial-grade chemical proportioner for accurately diluting a chemical concentrate. This stainless steel venturi injection system uses city water pressure (25 - 125 PSI) to draw and blend chemical concentra... [Read More]
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