Gemini™ Mixing Stations feature Lafferty's unique twin pick-up Gemini™ Proportioner, an industry-leading design that incorporates two completely separated venturis in one injector body. The solutions are diluted separately and only mix as they are discharged, preventing chemical concentrates from mixing. Gemini Level Masters™ include chemical resistant components that are physically removed from the tank, for maximum resistance to aggressive chemicals such as chlorine dioxide.

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The Air Level Master™ is a float valve system that regulates the activation of Satellite Mixing Stations (sold separately) to automatically maintain a constant supply of ready-to-use chemical solution in a paired day tank (sold separately). When the solution in the tan... [Read More]
Air Level Master™ Day Tanks
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Model: 709180, 709181, 709182, 709184, 709185
Air Level Master™ Day Tanks are heavy-duty polyethylene tanks designed for use with an Air Level Master lid assembly (sold separately). When the solution in the tank drops below a pre-set level, the Air Level Master will activate one or more High Volume Satellite Mixin... [Read More]
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