Pressure Washer

Lafferty Pressure Washer Foamers use a pressure washer to dilute chemical concentrate and project wet, clinging foam. Pressure Washer Foamers feature a stainless steel injector body and airless foam wand that are balanced to achieve maximum foam throw distance and superior overall performance. Equipment is available in a variety of configurations for various cleaning goals and equipment setups.

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Designed for 3.5–5.5 GPM pressure washers. The Model 20 SS Bypass 3-Way Airless Foamer / Sprayer is a wash/rinse system for quickly diluting and applying three chemicals and rinsing through the same hose. This venturi unit draws and blends three separate chem... [Read More]
Designed for 5.5–10+ GPM pressure washers. The Model 22 SS Double Bypass 2-Way Airless Foamer/Sprayer features a diverter ball valve to control pressure, flow and foam throw distance. During chemical application, the diverter valve decreases pressure and flow increment... [Read More]
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