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General Purpose Foamers feature the signature Lafferty Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket. Portable Foamers are available as Uni-Body Foamers.

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Model: 916115SS
The HVHCSS Foamer is a high volume, "high concentrate" foam applicator that will produce strong dilution ratios for the toughest cleaning jobs. Weaker dilution ratios are achieved with metering tips. This stainless steel venturi injection system uses standard city ... [Read More]
Super HV Foamer
Model: 916205-G
The Super HV Foamer is a very high volume foam applicator for projecting foaming chemicals on to large surfaces and high ceilings. This venturi injection system uses city water pressure (35 - 150 PSI) to draw and blend chemical concentrate into the water stream to create an ... [Read More]
Drum Sticks and Tote Sticks
Part Numbers: 491643 - 491656
Drum Sticks and Tote Sticks are chemical pick-up assemblies for use with pump operated or venturi systems to draw chemical concentrates or diluted chemical solution directly from a drum, tote or holding tank. Comes complete with a Hastelloy chemical strainer, polypropylene c... [Read More]
Stainless Steel "Y" Strainers
Model: 150340-1, 150350-1, 150355-1
Stainless Steel "Y" Strainers filter incoming water or chemical to prevent debris from entering the system.  Available for any Venturi or Pump Fed system based on the unit inlet size. [Read More]
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