Specialty Air Pump Foamers

Lafferty Air Pump Foamers utilize a compressed air operated pump to project liquid spray. Specialized Air Pump Foamers can be designed for a wide range of unique applications.

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Satellite Teat Foamer
Model: 935202
The Satellite Teat Foamer is a foam applicator for foaming teat dips in dairy facilities. Up to 8 Satellite Teat Foamers can be used in conjunction with a Teat Foamer, depending on installation set-up and how many will be in use at the same time. The Teat Foamer is a pump-dr... [Read More]
The Timed Air Pump Entryway Foam Sanitizer is an automated foam applicator for projecting sanitizing chemicals on to floors of 3' wide employee walk doors to prevent cross contamination. This system uses water pressure (10 - 100 PSI) to fill a small float tank. An air oper... [Read More]
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