20 Gallon Wet Well / Drain Maintainer

Color Options Available

Model # 989900

The Wet Well Maintainer is a unique water driven float tank system which provides both a continuous drizzle of chemical solution accompanied by recycling bursts of airless foam. The dilution ratio for the foam burst is independent of the drizzle solution and can be of the same or a different chemical. It is ideal for continuously treating wet wells, FOG cakes in lift stations, drains, lagoons and for odor control.

Key Features
  • City water pressure drives the unit, no compressed air or electricity is required
  • Provides a continuous drizzle of chemical solution accompanied by short bursts of airless foam
  • Drizzle volume is adjustable which also adjusts the cycle time for shorter or longer cycles
  • Foam bursts run for about 1.5 to 2 minutes while the tank refills and then recycles
  • Ideal for treating FOG cakes in lift stations and wet wells and can be used for sanitation, treating grease build-up or for odor control
  • Dilution ratios for foam blasting and drizzle are set independently so different concentrations or chemicals can be used
  • Continuous fluid movement provides a good measure of protection from freezing
  • Chemical-resistant components ensure durability and years of trouble-free performance
  • See Catalog 9 for other chemical management systems


  • 20 gallon polyethylene chemical tank
  • Water inlet and foam blast ball valves
  • Machined polypropylene proportioner bodies
  • In-tank Level Master system
  • 20 color-coded precision metering tips to set dilution ratios
  • Drip-flow needle valve
  • Inverted "wobbler" drip-flow nozzle
  • Machined polypropylene airless foam wand and foam bar assembly
    Chemical Concentrate
    Temperature up to 160°F
    Pressure 35 to 100 PSI
    Flow 3.3 GPM @ 40 PSI
    Supply Line 1/2"
    Fill 1/2" ID x 75'
    Fill Wobble Nozzle & Foam Bar
    Foam Wobble Nozzle & Foam Bar
    Dilution Ratio Range @ 40 PSI
    Fill 526:1 to 7:1
    Foam 286:1 to 6:1
    Stainless Steel Jug Racks
    2 ½ Gal. (8 ½'' x 10 ½'') # 224210
    5 Gallon (12" x 12") Round/Square# 224215
    5 Gallon, Round (Locking)# 224216
    Alternate Check Valve - EPDM Standard
    Foam Blast Check Valve, PVC / EPDM, 3/8"# 491456-E
    Tank Fill Check Valve, PP(W), 1/4" (EPDM)# 491401
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