Model 20 Compact Sprayer (No Gun)

Color Options Available

Model # 969818-B32

The Model 20 Compact Sprayer is a low volume hose-end spray applicator for diluting and applying chemicals to any surface up close or at a distance. This unit uses standard city water pressure to draw chemical concentrate from the attached bottle and blend it into the water stream. This accurately diluted solution is then projected through the recessed fan nozzle. This handy sprayer is offered without a trigger gun and can be used in conjunction with the gun on another compact unit. Use it with a Compact Foamer to easily switch between foam, rinse and spray using a single hose and trigger gun.

Key Features
  • Accurately dilutes chemical concentrate and applies it as a low volume spray
  • Durable!  Injector body is machined in the USA, not molded
  • Outlasts and outperforms similar molded plastic products
  • The stainless steel quick disconnect socket features 6 retaining balls to lock the bottle and injector assembly securely in place
  • Quick disconnect the bottle and injector assembly to rinse
  • With less than half the flow rate of competing models, you save money
  • Light, 32oz bottle reduces wrist and arm fatigue as well as the risk of repetitive strain injuries
  • No moving parts!  Venturi action dilutes chemical consistently with precision metering tips
  • Great performance with water pressure as low as 20 PSI
  • Recessed fan nozzle for protection and fast coverage
  • Impact resistant lid stands up to substantial abuse
  • Color-coded lids and guns help identify chemicals and enhance user safety (blue standard - red, yellow, or green optional)
  • Available with a higher flow rate (#969850-B32)
  • Compact sprayers are also offered as foamers
  • See more Lafferty chemical applicators in Catalog 11


  • Machined polypropylene injector body
  • Fan nozzle with nozzle protector
  • Stainless steel quick disconnect plug and 6-ball socket
  • 32 oz. wide-mouth, HDPE bottle
  • Heavy-duty bottle lid
  • 20 color-coded precision metering tips to set dilution ratios
  • Garden hose gun with inlet screen/filter
Chemical Concentrate
Temperature up to 160°F
Pressure 20 - 100 PSI
Flow 0.84 GPM @ 40 PSI
Supply Line 1/2"
Nozzle 2520
Dilution Ratio Range 192:1 to 5:1 @ 40 PSI
Additional Bottles
Bottle, HDPE, 32oz# 709082
Unit Storage Rack
Compact Foamer/Sprayer Rack, Stainless Steel# 224301
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