Model 20 SSHCDU Combo Airless Foamer / Sprayer Kit

Model # 969720HCDU

Designed to work with a 3 – 6 GPM pressure washer. The Model 20 SSHC Combo Airless Foamer/Sprayer Kit is a dual-chemical "high concentrate" airless foam and spray applicator that will produce strong dilution ratios for the toughest cleaning jobs. Weaker dilution ratios are achieved with metering tips. Featuring stainless steel construction and a chemical injector quick connected to the pressure washer discharge, this unit draws and blends 2 chemical concentrates into the water stream at the same time to create an accurately diluted solution. The solution then flows through the hose and gun to the airless foam wand which injects atmospheric air to create and project wet, clinging foam on to surfaces up close or at distances up to 18 feet. Quick connect the fan pattern sprayer nozzle to apply a chemical spray.

Key Features
  • Designed for use with 3 - 6 GPM pressure washers
  • Draws 2 chemicals simultaneously from any sized containers
  • Achieves chemical concentrations up to 5:1 for those tough applications
  • Weaker dilution ratios controlled by precision metering tips
  • Chemical injector at the pressure washer output eliminates the need to carry chemicals
  • Quick connect the airless foam wand to project wet, clinging foam and increase chemical contact time and effectiveness
  • Foam impacts at a lower pressure than spray, allowing a pressure washer to be used on more delicate surfaces
  • Use the fan pattern nozzle for wide coverage or remove it for increased range
  • Quick connect the fan pattern sprayer nozzle to apply a chemical spray
  • Your equipment is protected because no chemical passes through the pump
  • Industrial-strength, all stainless steel design ensures durability and reliable performance
  • Available for a single chemical (#969720HC)
  • See other Lafferty high pressure applicators in Catalog 3
  • Machined stainless steel injector body
  • Stainless steel quick connects
  • 2 - 6' chemical suction tubes and strainers
  • 5 color-coded precision metering tips to set dilution ratios
  • Quick connect machined stainless steel airless foam wand with removable fan nozzle
  • Quick connect fan pattern spray nozzle
Water Temperature up to 180°F
Pressure Washer 3 - 6 GPM
Discharge Hose 3/8" ID minimum x 50'
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Small Stainless Steel Hose Rack# 224145
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