1-Way FPS MM Transfer System

Model # 941611

The 1-Way FPS MM Transfer System is a air pump driven chemical transfer system designed to blend 2 compatible chemical concentrates, or 1 chemical concentrate with water, and dispense the solution into any sized container. This unit uses a FloJet air pump to draw the 2 liquids through a unique metering manifold to create virtually any ratio. The solution is then dispensed into any container through a 15 foot discharge hose and trigger gun.

Key Features
  • Draws and blends 2 compatible chemical concentrates or 1 chemical concentrate and water
  • Creates virtually any dilution ratio using a unique metering manifold
  • Increases safety and labor efficiency
  • Requires only compressed air to operate
  • Pump mounted on a unique Lafferty quick-release, stainless steel bracket to easily replace pumps
  • The convenient positive shut-off trigger gun prevents the unit from running unattended
  • Discharge hose stabilizer coupling protects pump discharge outlet from abuse
  • See transfer systems for up to 5 chemicals and other chemical management systems in Catalog 9


  • Polypropylene mounting panel
  • Air regulator and air pressure gauge
  • FloJet AODD Pump with Santoprene diaphragms
  • Stainless steel quick release pump bracket
  • Machined polypropylene metering manifold
  • Two 6' chemical pickup tubes with strainers
  • 15' discharge hose
  • Polypropylene trigger gun with stainless steel and EPDM internal components
Chemical Concentrate
Static Tank of Water
Compressed Air up to 4 CFM
Hose 1/2" ID x 15'
Nozzle Trigger Gun
Stainless Steel Hose Racks
Small Stainless Steel Hose Rack# 224145
Drum & Tote Sticks Available
Alternate Seal Materials - Santoprene/EPDM Standard
Upgrade: Viton Air Pump & Viton Trigger Gun# 941600-VT
Upgrade: Kalrez Air Pump & Viton Trigger Gun# 941600-KT
Alternate Hose Discharge
Upgrade: Stainless Steel Ball Valve# 941600-X
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