WPS Triple Foam System

Model # 910330

The WPS Triple Foam System is easy to install and operate! This system uses 3 rugged, air-operated, double-diaphragm Warren-Rupp pumps to either draw ready-to-use chemicals or to draw water and chemical concentrate from static tanks and accurately blend them using precision metering tips. Thick, rich, clinging foam is created by injecting compressed air into the solution to greatly expand volume and coverage ability. The foam is then evenly projected through the 6' foam stick assemblies. A fixed flow rate allows the user to use just one air valve to adjust the foam quality for all 3 foam sticks simultaneously. This system is great for retrofitting and for new installations.

Key Features
  • Evenly applies 3 chemicals as rich, clinging foam
  • 3 rugged, air-operated, double-diaphragm pumps draw pre-diluted solutions, or dilute chemical concentrates "on-the-fly" which eliminates the need for messy float tanks, keeping chemical rooms clean
  • Fixed flow rate to ensure consistent cost-per-application
  • Easy to calibrate!  Adjust all 3 foam sticks with a single air valve to achieve the desired foam consistency
  • No moving or wear parts virtually eliminates the need for constant maintenance and parts replacement
  • Chemical-resistant components ensure durability and years of reliable performance
  • To allow for customization in any facility, this unit requires user-supplied tubing for installation (see requirements for tubing sizes)
  • Available without a pumping system (#910310)
  • Available as a single foam stick system (#910065)
  • See more Lafferty vehicle wash equipment in Catalog 10


  • Polypropylene mounting plate
  • Three 3/8" Warren Rupp AODD pumps with Santoprene diaphragms
  • Air regulator with pressure gauge
  • Chemical and water pickup tubes
  • 6 precision-drilled, clear PVC foam sticks (3 per assembly)
  • 6 tube-lock solution check valves (Viton seals)
  • 6 machined polypropylene foamer bodies
  • 2 air adjustment needle valves (1 per assembly)
Chemical Concentrate OR Ready-to-Use Chemical Solution
Water to Fill Tank (If Diluting Concentrate)
Compressed Air up to 8 CFM
Liquid Tubing - Pump to Tee 1/2" I.D.
Liquid Tubing - Tee to Foam Sticks 3/8" I.D.
Tubing From Air Supply 1/4" I.D.
Air and Chemical Tubing (Order in 10' Increments)
Air, Polyflow, 1/4" x 1'# 475200FT
Solution, Pump to Tee, Polyflow, 1/2" x 1'# 475400FT
Solution, Tee to Foamer, Polyflow, 3/8" x 1'# 475300FT
Poly/Teflon and Kynar/Teflon Air Pumps
(Poly/Santoprene Standard)
Pump, WR Poly/Teflon, 3/8", 7GPM Max# 710911
Pump, WR Kynar/Teflon, 3/8", 7GPM Max# 710912
Alternate Check Valve (Viton Standard)
TL Check Valve, PVC / EPDM, 3/8"# 491456-E
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