Viscous Chemical Pickup Assembly

Part Number # 491403-A, 491404-A

The Viscous Chemical Pickup Assembly features a higher volume check valve and thick 1/2" tubing to allow a venturi injector to draw more chemical and create a stronger solution than a standard 1/4" chemical pickup assembly.  It also allows for a faster chemical draw rate using high viscosity (thick) chemicals.  Use this kit to replace a standard pickup assembly, or add a second pickup assembly to units with an unused chemical port on the injector body.

Key Features

  • High viscosity (thick) chemicals are drawn into a Venturi injector at a slower rate than water-thin chemicals, resulting in a weaker than expected dilution ratio
  • This assembly also allows the user to use thicker chemicals that do not draw properly through a standard 1/4" suction tube and check valve
  • Thick chemicals will still draw slower than water-thin chemicals, but this assembly will help diminish the effect
  • Replaces a standard chemical pickup assembly OR installs as a second pickup assembly on certain injector styles that include an unused (plugged) chemical port
  • The larger tubing and check valve allow units to achieve a stronger "no tip ratio" than the standard 1/4" suction tube and check valve
  • Metering Tips not included (#443798)


  • Strainer with stainless steel mesh
  • 10' x 1/2" chemical suction tube with weight
  • Stainless steel hose clamp
  • In-line metering tip holder
  • 1/2" check valve (Viton or EPDM, see options)
  • Stainless steel elbow

As an Upgrade

Unit with #491311 or #491315 check valve and 1/4" suction tubing

As an Add-On

Unit with an unused, plugged chemical port

For Stronger Ratios or Viscous Chemicals
1/2" Chemical Pick-up Assembly (Viton)# 491404-A
1/2" Chemical Pick-up Assembly (EPDM)# 491403-A
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