Lafferty Catalog 12 • Supermarket / Deli / Small Area Chemical Cleaning Systems

SUPERMARKET/DELI/SMALL AREA Sanitize/Rinse Gun and Nozzle Airless FoamWand 2-HOSE WR-2 SPRAY-ALL – SANITIZE-RINSE / FOAM REQUIRES: 35-125 PSI WATER, CHEMICAL CONCENTRATES Model # Description 975246 2-Hose WR-2 Spray-All Sanitize - Rinse / Foam • Ideal for supermarkets, delis and food service facilities • Prevents cross-contamination of foaming and sanitizing chemicals • One hose is used to apply the foam, and a separate hose, of a different color, is used to rinse and apply the sanitizer. REQUIREMENTS / SPECIFICATIONS Water Pressure 35 - 125 PSI 2.4 -8.6 bar Water Flow Rate @ 40 PSI @ 2.8 bar Airless Foam 1.3 gpm 4.9 lpm Rinse 4.0 gpm 15.1 lpm Sanitize 2.3 gpm 8.7 lpm Discharge Hose ID 1/2 in 12.7 mm Length Sanitize/Rinse 50 ft 15.2 m Foam 50 ft 15.2 m Includes • Machined polypropylene injector body • Color-coded metering tips for multiple dilution ratios • Two discharge hose assemblies Airless Foam: Blue hose, ball valve and machined polypropylene airless foam wand Sanitize/Rinse: Red hose, ball valve, Pistol Grip Gun, machined polypropylene nozzle protector and fan nozzle LAFFERTY 2-HOSE WR-2 SPRAY-ALL™ SYSTEMS are convenient combination applicators that will apply two chemicals as airless foam or spray — for cleaning and sanitizing — and rinse. One discharge hose is used for sanitizing and rinsing and the second is used for foaming, preventing cross- contamination of foaming and sanitizing chemicals. These water-driven venturi systems accurately dilute chemical concentrates to required ratios and will project a uniform spray or high quality, airless foam onto any surface. AIRLESS E-mail order • CAT.12• 5