Lafferty Catalog 12 • Supermarket / Deli / Small Area Chemical Cleaning Systems

SUPERMARKET/DELI/SMALL AREA STAINLESS STEEL HOSE REELS Model # Description 224140 Hose Strap, SS 224142 Hose Strap, SS, Large 224145 Hose Rack, SS, Small 224150 Hose Rack, SS, Large 224160 Hose Rack, SS, Large Tilt HOSE CARRYING CAPACITY Model # Inside Diameter x Length 224140 Strap 1/2 in. ID up to 75 ft. (+/-) 12.7 mm ID x 22.9 m (+/-) 224142 Strap, L 3/4 in. ID up to 75 ft. (+/-) 19.1 mm ID x 22.9 m (+/-) 224145 Small 3/4 in. ID up to 50 ft. (+/-) 19.1 mm ID x 15.4 m (+/-) 224150 Large 1 in. ID up to 75 ft. (+/-) 25.4 mm x 22.9 m (+/-) 224160 Tilt 3/4 in. ID up to 100 ft. (+/-) 19.1 mm ID x 30.5+ m (+/-) STAINLESS STEEL HOSE RACKS Model # Description 224177-A † Hose Reel, SS, 1/2" x 50', 150 PSI, With Jumper Hose Kit 224178-A † Hose Reel, SS, 3/4" x 50', 150 PSI, With Jumper Hose Kit 224187-A † Hose Reel, SS, 1/2" x 75', 150 PSI, With Jumper Hose Kit 224188-A † Hose Reel, SS, 3/4" x 75', 150 PSI, With Jumper Hose Kit * Compatible Foamers Series: LV; LC; Ultimate, Uni-Body; BP; Mega; HP; Hyper; all Airless Foamers up to 300 PSI Compatible Spray Applicators: All Spray-Alls and Sanitizers up to 300 PSI, including WR series --WR-1, WR-2, WR-3 †Allow six weeks production time. Discharge hose and applicator wand not included. 224188-A p t 224178-A • This retractable reel features a full-port swivel that allows unrestricted foam output. Other reels may have ports with narrowed openings through the swivel, which compresses the foam, resulting in watery, inferior foam output. • Use with confidence with a wide range of Lafferty sprayers/sanitizers and foamers that require 1/2" or 3/4" ID hose (Compatible model groups listed below.)* FEATURES • Stainless steel construction and a heavy-duty steel base ensure strength, safety, corrosion resistance, and durability • Electro-Polished Stainless Steel finish • Non-Corrosive Stainless Steel Fluid Path Featuring Stainless Steel Swivel • Auto Rewind via a non-corrosive stainless steel cartridge-style spring motor easily wraps, stores and protects hose • Adjustable hose stop prevents full hose retraction and allows for quick, easy access to hose-end tools • Guide arm adjusts to wall, floor and overhead positions • Pinch-proof, four-way, guide-arm rollers allow the hose to be pulled from the reel in any direction REQUIREMENTS / SPECIFICATIONS Water Pressure    up to 150 PSI 10.3 bar Discharge Hose ID either 1/2 in. 12.7 mm 3/4 in. 19.1 mm Includes: • 6' Lafferty-specified jumper hose (assures compatibility with Lafferty foamers and spray applicators) • Heavy Gauge Steel/Stainless Steel Base and Support Post • Stainless Steel Rollers • Factory-Matched Cartridge-Style Spring Motor • Multi-Position Lock Ratchet Secures Hose At Desired Length • Rolled Edges and Ribbed Discs Provide Strength and Safety • Leading 2-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty E-mail order • CAT.12• 17