Lafferty Catalog 11 • JanSan / Commercial / Residential Chemical Cleaning Systems

PUSH LEVER AND BALL VALVE MIXING STATIONS REQUIRES: 25-125 PSI WATER REQUIREMENTS / SPECIFICATIONS Water Pressure 25 - 125 PSI 1.7 -8.6 bar Water Flow Rate @ 40 PSI @ 2.8 bar Bottle Fill (BF) 0.6 gpm 2.3 lpm Low Flow (LF) 2.1 gpm 7.9 lpm High Flow (HF) 4.5 gpm 17.0 lpm • When ordering, specify the flow for each push lever or ball valve. Any combination may be selected. • (Example: Model 981400, 4-Way Push Lever — HF, HF, LF, BF) • All mixing stations are built with EPDM check valves (Viton optional — specify at time of order) Includes • Stainless steel mounting enclosure • Integrated backflow preventers • Polypropylene injector bodies • Color-coded metering tips (20) • Metering tip driver Model # Description 985100 1-Way Ball Valve Mixing Station 985200 2-Way Ball Valve Mixing Station 985300 3-Way Ball Valve Mixing Station 985400 4-Way Ball Valve Mixing Station 985450 5-Way Ball Valve Mixing Station Model # Description 981100 1-Way Push Lever Mixing Station 981200 2-Way Push Lever Mixing Station 981300 3-Way Push Lever Mixing Station 981400 4-Way Push Lever Mixing Station Extra heavy-duty brass valve for unrivalled durability Lafferty 4 •CAT.11 • Push Lever Mixing Stations require the user to push and hold the lever to dispense, preventing accidental overfilling of containers. • Ball Valve Mixing Stations provide hands-free dispensing of chemical solutions. • Choice of left or right side garden hose water inlet • All Mixing Stations can be plumbed in series • Choice of three water flow rates for filling small to large containers LAFFERTY MIXING STATIONS™ are water-driven venturi proportioners that accurately dilute chemical concentrates to required ratios and fill any size container with diluted, ready-to-use (RTU) chemical solution. Lafferty Mixing Stations eliminate the need for manual mixing, optimizing chemical utilization, employee safety and labor efficiency. Offered with Lafferty’s signature heavy-duty stainless steel mounting enclosures. Fax order • 800-699-3719