Lafferty Catalog 11 • JanSan / Commercial / Residential Chemical Cleaning Systems

Model # Description 969741 Model 10 SS Bypass Airless Foamer / Sprayer 969742 Model 10 SS Bypass 2-Way Airless Foamer / Sprayer 969751 Model 20 SS Bypass Airless Foamer / Sprayer 969752 Model 20 SS Bypass 2-Way Airless Foamer / Sprayer Model # Description 969400 A-40 SS Airless Foam Wand 969402 A-40 SS Airless Foam Wand w/Fan Nozzle STAINLESS STEEL AIRLESS FOAM WAND • Lafferty Stainless Steel Airless Foam Wands are machined venturis that draw in atmospheric air to produce wet clinging foam, and are designed for use with pressure washers equipped with a downstream chemical injector. • Simply quick connect the stainless steel airless foam wand to the trigger gun of a pressure washer • Foam is created instantly by the venturi airless foam wand • Foam throw up to 25 ft. REQUIREMENTS / SPECIFICATIONS PressureWasher Flow Rate min. 1000 PSI / 68.9 bar 3 to 4 gpm 11.3 to 15.1 lpm Includes: • Machined stainless steel airless foam wand • Stainless steel quick connect plug BYPASS AIRLESS FOAMERS / SPRAYERS REQUIRES: 1000 PSI WATER (MINIMUM) AND CHEMICAL CONCENTRATE REQUIREMENTS / SPECIFICATIONS Water Flow Rate minimum 1000 PSI 68.9 bar Model 10 2 to 3 gpm 7.6 to 11.3 lpm Model 20      over 3 gpm 11.3 lpm Includes • Machined stainless steel injector body • Stainless steel mounting bracket • Stainless steel bypass ball valve • Stainless steel quick disconnect fittings • Color-coded metering tips (20) • Metering tip driver • Stainless steel airless foam wand with zero degree and fan nozzles • Stainless steel spray nozzle Stainless steel airless foamwand with nozzle and spray nozzle, equipped with quick disconnect plug. Lafferty 24 •CAT.11 • Produces airless foam or spray, using high pressure water systems • Alternate between foam/ spray and rinse with the turn of a ball valve • Stainless steel construction • Select the stainless steel spray nozzle to spray non-foaming chemicals. • Two foam nozzles: Fan nozzle for quick coverage, up close; zero degree for added distance LAFFERTY HIGH PRESSURE BYPASS AIRLESS FOAMERS / SPRAYERS are machined stainless steel combination systems that will project either foam or spray onto any surface – and then rinse. Alternate between foam or spray and rinse with the turn of a ball valve. These high pressure water-driven venturi systems accurately dilute chemical concentrates to required ratios and project a spray or high quality, wet foam onto any surface without the need for compressed air. Offered in standard models – apply one chemical, or 2-Way models – apply one chemical as spray and a second chemical or second dilution ratio as foam. AIRLESS HIGH PRESSURE Fax order • 800-699-3719