Lafferty Catalog 10 • Vehicle Wash & Detailing Systems

Lafferty TIRE / SKIRT FOAMER SYSTEM REQUIRES: COMPRESSED AIR, WATER TANK, CHEMICAL CONCENTRATE Model # Description 910109 APV Tire / Skirt Foamer System 6 •CAT.10 • The Lafferty Tire / Skirt Foamer System combines an air pump-powered chemical dilution and pumping system with Lafferty Tire / Skirt Foamer Set (see above) • This unique system does NOT require a float tank to hold diluted chemical solution • Precision metering tips are used to control the dilution ratio • Simple installation Includes • Polypropylene mounting panel • Air pump with Santoprene diaphragms (Optional Teflon or Viton) • Color-coded metering tips (20) • Metering tip driver • Tire/ Skirt Foamer Set (910105 – above) LAFFERTY WHEEL AND TIRE / SKIRT FOAMERS are engineered for performance and ease of use, addressing key industry-wide operating concerns. Factory settings assure top quality foam straight out of the box. • Heavy duty construction for proven durability and reliability • Consistent chemical cost per vehicle • Eliminates operator adjustment issues • Very limited maintenance • No scrubby pads to replace Tire / Skirt Foamers can be connected to existing pumping systems or are offered as systems, complete with an air pump and chemical dilution capability. Lafferty systems eliminate the need for pre-diluting chemical and require no messy float tanks, leaving equipment rooms clean and safe. AIR ASSISTED AIR ASSISTED Fax order • 800-699-3719