Lafferty Catalog 10 • Vehicle Wash & Detailing Systems

VEHICLE WASH & DETAILING Model # Description 910330 WPS Triple Foam System TRIPLE FOAM SYSTEM REQUIRES: COMPRESSED AIR, WATER TANK , CHEMICAL CONCENTRATE TRIPLE FOAM STICKS SET REQUIRES: READY-TO-USE CHEMICAL SOLUTION @ 40-80 PSI AND COMPRESSED AIR Model # Description 910310 Triple Foam Stick Set • The Lafferty Triple Foam System combines an air pump-powered chemical dilution and pumping system with Lafferty triple foam sticks (see above) • This unique system does NOT require float tanks to hold diluted chemical solutions • Precision metering tips are used to control the dilution ratios • Simple installation Includes • Polypropylene mounting panel • Air pumps with Santoprene diaphragms (Optional Teflon) • Color-coded metering tips (20) • Metering tip driver • Triple Foam Stick Set (910310 – above) CAT.10• 5 • Lafferty triple foam sticks create thick, rich tri-color foam • NO scrubby pads to replace! • Modular and pre-assembled — a single triple-foam assembly is mounted on each side of the bay • Single air control adjusts each set of three foam sticks • Even foam distribution and consistent, efficient chemical use • Simple installation Includes • Solution check valves • Machined polypropylene foamer bodies • Air adjustment needle valve • Precision-drilled, clear PVC foam sticks AIR ASSISTED AIR ASSISTED E-mail order •