Lafferty Catalog 10 • Vehicle Wash & Detailing Systems

Lafferty Model # Description 910061 Single Foam Stick Set SINGLE FOAM STICK SET REQUIRES: READY-TO-USE CHEMICAL SOLUTION @ 40-80 PSI AND COMPRESSED AIR Includes • Solution check valves • Machined polypropylene foamer bodies • Air adjustment needle valve • 6’ precision-drilled, clear PVC foam sticks • The Lafferty Single Foam System combines an air pump-powered chemical dilution and pumping system with Lafferty single foam sticks (see above) • This unique system does NOT require a float tank to hold diluted chemical solution • Precision metering tips are used to control the dilution ratio • Simple installation SINGLE FOAM SYSTEM REQUIRES: COMPRESSED AIR, WATER TANK, CHEMICAL CONCENTRATE Includes • Polypropylene mounting panel • Air pump with Santoprene diaphragms (Optional Teflon) • Color-coded metering tips (20) • Metering tip driver • Single Foam Stick Set (910061 – above) Model # Description 910065 WPS Single Foam Stick System 4 •CAT.10 • Lafferty foam sticks create thick, rich foam • Used for pre-soak, wax or mitter lubrication • NO scrubby pads to replace! • Single air control adjusts both foam sticks • Even foam distribution and consistent, efficient chemical use • Simple installation LAFFERTY FOAM STICKS  are engineered for performance and ease of use, addressing key industry-wide operating concerns. Generating streams of thick, rich foam for complete vehicle coverage, Lafferty Foam Sticks are simply the best available in today’s car wash marketplace. Designed for pre-soak, wax or mitter lubrication, and for triple foam applications, Lafferty Foam Sticks can be used for new installations or to easily replace damaged or inconsistent existing systems. • Heavy duty construction for proven durability and reliability • Consistent chemical cost per vehicle • Eliminates operator adjustment issues • Very limited maintenance • No scrubby pads to replace Foam Sticks can be connected to existing pumping systems or are offered as systems, complete with an air pump and chemical dilution capability. Lafferty systems eliminate the need for pre-diluting chemical and require no messy float tanks, leaving equipment rooms cleaner, simpler and safer. SINGLE STICKS TRIPLE FOAM AIR ASSISTED AIR ASSISTED Fax order • 800-699-3719