Lafferty Catalog 9 • Chemical Management Systems

Model # Description 989303 Level Master™ (Single Float - No Tank) 989304 Level Master™ (No Tank) 989308 Level Master™ with SS Bracket 989312 Level Master™ with SSHM Bracket Level Master™ Tanks are heavy-duty HDPE tanks designed for use with a Level Master lid assembly (sold separately). Each tank includes inlet and discharge assemblies with hose barbs. LEVEL MASTER™ SYSTEMS REQUIRES: 25-80 PSI WATER REQUIREMENTS / SPECIFICATIONS Water Pressure 25 - 80 PSI 1.7 -5.5 bar Water Flow Rate @ 40 PSI @ 2.8 bar 2.4 gpm 9.1 lpm Includes • Water supply inlet strainer • Water supply shut-off ball valve • Machined polypropylene injector body • Magnetic float valve (989303) — two float valves, primary and fail-safe, for models 989304; 989308; 989312 — with solid polypropylene float(s) suspended by rigid CPVC push rod • Stainless steel / Viton back-flow prevention check valve • Color-coded metering tips (20) to set dilution ratios • Metering tip driver • Stainless steel bracket or plastic lid for a paired tank as indicated by model number (Paired tank not included.) 989308 Level Masters with stainless steel mounting bracket 989312 989303 989304 Level Master Tank Sizes (Specify When Ordering) 7 Gallon ....................................... # 709170 16 Gallon .................................... # 709171 20 Gallon .................................... # 709172 Lafferty 6 •CAT.9 • Features a single water-driven venturi proportioner to dilute one chemical to the required ratio • Single float design or dual float design for locations where preventing accidental overflow is critical. A second, smaller float provides fail-safe protection. • Unsinkable solid polypropylene float suspended by a rigid "push rod" ensures smooth operation and prevents the float valve from sticking in the open position • Chemical resistant wetted components ensure years of outstanding performance with minimal maintenance • Downstream check valve prevents back-flow of liquid or vapor into the float valve to eliminate the potential for damage to internal components • Industrial-strength design holds up in tough environments Two styles • Systems with heavy-duty stainless steel bracket for open tanks • SS Bracket clamps to the wall of an open tank • SSHM Bracket – horizontal mount – bolts to the top of a user-supplied tank • Systems integrated into a tank lid designed to fit a 7-gallon, 16-gallon or 20-gallon tank (Can also be fitted to an optional 60-gallon tank.) LAFFERTY LEVEL MASTER SYSTEMS are float valve operated proportioners, designed to maintain the desired level of ready-to-use (RTU) chemical solution in any reservoir. Lafferty’s novel design incorporates machined, solid blocks of chemical-resistant polypropylene to reduce chemical leak points and enhance overall durability and function. Standard Level Master Systems will produce RTU solution from one chemical concentrate. Available in two styles — bracket mounted or lid mounted, which are integrated with a tank lid to fit optional 7-gallon, 16-gallon, or 20-gallon tanks. (Lid-mounted High Flow Level Master Systems include a 60-gallon tank. ) Gemini Level Master Systems (see page 9) will separately proportion two chemicals before mixing the two solutions as they flow into the holding tank. Fax order • 800-699-3719