Lafferty Catalog 8 • Industrial Chemical Application Equipment

INDUSTRIAL TIMED ASPHALT RELEASE SPRAY-ALLS AND AIRLESS FOAMERS REQUIRES: 35-125 PSI WATER, ELECTRICITY AND CHEMICAL CONCENTRATE Airless Foamer discharge hose assembly Photos not to scale Model # Description 977012 Timed Asphalt Release Airless Foamer 977012-COIN Coin Operated Asphalt Release Airless Foamer Spray-All discharge hose assembly Model # Description 977002 Timed Asphalt Release Sprayer 977002-COIN Coin Operated Asphalt Release Sprayer Optional: #536500 Insulator for 1/4" SS Wand Aids gripping and insulates against hot and cold extremes of the metal wand. REQUIREMENTS / SPECIFICATIONS Water Pressure 35 - 125 PSI 2.4 - 8.6 bar Water Flow Rate    up to 2.0 gpm 7.6 lpm Discharge Hose ID 1/2 in. 12.7 mm Length 25 ft. 7.6 m Electricity (Timed Models) 120V Includes • Machined polypropylene injector body • Color-coded metering tips (20) • Metering tip driver • Discharge hose assembly with stainless steel ball valve, wand and nozzle or airless foam wand CAT.8• 5 E-mail order • • Timed models precisely control chemical use • Draw asphalt release agent directly from original shipping containers and accurately dilute it to the required ratio • Choice of timed models: • Timed with push button — An adjustable run timer controls the length of application. An adjustable delay timer keeps the driver from immediately restarting the system, preventing costly over-application. • Coin operated — Electronic coin acceptor activates a timer that controls the length of application. Acceptor is built to withstand dirty, moist and unforgiving environments. 100 tokens included. Spray-Alls • Project an even spray pattern for quick complete coverage of the truck bed Airless Foamers • For foaming asphalt release agents, these systems project an even foam pattern for quick, complete coverage of the truck bed. • Foam provides visual confirmation of coverage