Lafferty Catalog 8 • Industrial Chemical Application Equipment

ASPHALT RELEASE SPRAY-ALLS AND AIRLESS FOAMERS REQUIRES: 35-125 PSI WATER, CHEMICAL CONCENTRATE Airless Foamer discharge hose assembly Spray-All discharge hose assembly Model # Description 974600 DBM Asphalt Release Spray-All 974700 DBM Asphalt Release Airless Foamer Model # Description 974112 Asphalt Release Spray-All 974120 2-Way Asphalt Release Spray-All 974114 Asphalt Release Airless Foamer Asphalt Release Application REQUIREMENTS / SPECIFICATIONS Water Pressure 35 - 125 PSI 2.4 - 8.6 bar Water Flow Rate    up to 2.0 gpm 7.6 lpm Discharge Hose ID 1/2 in. 12.7 mm Length 25 ft. 7.6 m Electricity (Timed Models) 120v Includes • Machined polypropylene injector body • Color-coded metering tips (20) • Metering tip driver • Discharge hose assembly with stainless steel ball valve, wand and nozzle or airless foam wand Optional: #536500 Insulator for 1/4" SS Wand Aids gripping and insulates against hot and cold extremes of the metal wand. Lafferty 4 •CAT.8 Fax order • 800-699-3719 LAFFERTY ASPHALT RELEASE SPRAYERS AND AIRLESS FOAMERS are water-driven venturi systems that accurately dilute asphalt release agents to the required ratios and project an even spray, or airless foam, onto the beds of asphalt trucks or other surfaces. For driver operated applications, Asphalt Release Sprayers and Airless Foamers are offered as either manual or timed models. • Draw asphalt release agent directly from original shipping containers and accurately dilute it to the required ratio Spray-Alls • Project an even spray pattern for quick complete coverage of the truck bed • 2-Way Spray-Alls allow alternating between two different release agents or two different ratios of the same release agent Airless Foamers • For foaming asphalt release agents, these systems project an even foam pattern for quick, complete coverage of the truck bed. • Foam provides visual confirmation of coverage Drum Bung Mount Models • Mount directly to drum bung • Two set up options • Exposed metering tip holder – Chemical tube connects to metering tip holder at top of injector body and draws chemical through the small drum bung opening. • Hidden metering tip holder – The metering tip holder is positioned at the bottom of the injector body so the tip holder and chemical tube are hidden in the chemical drum, discouraging unauthorized changes to the metering tip and dilution ratio.