Lafferty Catalog 8 • Industrial Chemical Application Equipment

Asphalt paving projects rely on hot mix transport trucks to keep on schedule so the job stays on track. Effective asphalt release agents and application equipment are critical to this mission, whether for the beds of asphalt transport trucks or for drag slat systems in the asphalt plant yard or for pavers or rollers at the paving site. Lafferty Equipment offers a wide variety of heavy duty application equipment to suit every need. Asphalt Release Sprayer or Foamer Systems configurations: • Water driven • Air pump driven • Electric pump driven • Models for concentrated or ready-to-use release agents • Timed or manually operated • Automated Drive-Thru Systems Asphalt Release Applications Acid / Corrosive, Concrete Removal and Aluminum Brightening Applications Solvent Applications CAT.8• 3 E-mail order • Lafferty’s solvent mixing stations and sprayers are suitable for handling many higher-flash-point solvents, including d- limonene. Solvent compatible models include: • Stainless steel Mixing Stations • Air pump driven Sprayers • Water driven Sprayers • Compressed air driven Internal Tank Sprayers - ASME rated stainless steel tanks. Designed for use with corrosive acids, Lafferty’s wide range of heavy duty Acid and Concrete/Aluminum Brightening systems offer the ability to achieve virtually any desired dilution ratio and apply multiple chemical combinations. Models include: • High concentrate Mixing Stations • Water driven Sprayers and Airless Foamers • Water driven Foamers • Air pump driven Sprayers and Foamers • Models for concentrated or ready-to-use chemical • Timed or manually operated