Lafferty Catalog 8 • Industrial Chemical Application Equipment

Model # Description 925705-D 5 Gallon Tank Solvent Sprayer 925716-D 16 Gallon Tank Solvent Sprayer 925737-D 37.4 Gallon Tank Solvent Sprayer SOLVENT TANK SPRAYER REQUIRES: COMPRESSED AIR, READY-TO-USE CHEMICAL SOLUTION Lafferty 24 •CAT.8 Fax order • 800-699-3719 • Project a usable amount of solvent solution onto any surface • Two fan nozzles included for controlling usage • Air pressure forces RTU solvent solution from the tank REQUIREMENTS / SPECIFICATIONS Compressed Air    (up to) 4 cfm 113.3 lpm Spray Volume @ 60 PSI @ 4.1 bar 2503 Nozzle 0.3 gpm 1.1 lpm 2506 Nozzle 0.7 gpm 2.6 lpm Discharge Hose ID 1/2 in. 12.7 mm Length 5 Gal. and 16 Gal. models 25 ft. 7.6 m 37.4 Gal. model 50 ft. 15.2 m Includes • All stainless steel carts • ASME rated stainless steel tank • Stainless steel mounting enclosure • Stainless steel relief pop-off valve • Discharge hose assembly with stainless steel ball valve, wand and two spray nozzles Optional Solvent Mixing Stations • Lafferty Solvent Mixing Stations can be used to fill the tanks with RTU solvent solution LAFFERTY INTERNAL TANK SOLVENT SPRAYERS are powered by compressed air. RTU solvent solution is held in an ASME rated stainless steel tank and compressed air is used to provide the required solution pressure for operation. These systems are suitable for handling many higher-flash-point solvents, including d-limonene. With no air pump or other moving parts, Internal Tank Sprayers are virtually maintenance-free, providing unrivalled durability.