Lafferty Catalog 8 • Industrial Chemical Application Equipment

Lafferty's Complete Balanced System Approach The team at Lafferty Equipment puts more than a century of combined manufacturing and in-the-field experience into every piece of chemical application equipment that we offer. Our approach is to provide a complete, balanced system right out of the box for ease of installation and trouble-free performance. Our passionate focus on superior quality, outstanding reliability and attention to detail ensures years of consistent opera- tional performance and peace of mind. Focus on Performance • Dedicated Research and Development team • Application-specific designs to create integrated balanced systems • Discharge hoses (lengths and diameters) and nozzles carefully selected to ensure optimum system performance • Machined foamer and sprayer bodies engineered for their specific, intended use • Reliable, precision metering options Focus on Quality, Reliability and Durability • Designed to endure heavy usage in industrial settings with minimal maintenance requirements • Lafferty's proprietary stainless steel and polypropylene components are precision machined on state-of-the-art CNC and traditional machine tools in Lafferty's manufacturing facility in Arkansas. • Material selection for optimum chemical and industry compatibility, with all wetted parts chemically resistant • Extensive testing of all finished products Focus on Service • Dedicated to superior customer service and support • Detailed web site and catalog information for equipment selection • Prompt order shipment • Comprehensive Installation and Operation Instructions Industrial Chemical Application Equipment Lafferty 2 •CAT.8 Fax order • 800-699-3719 When applying harsh chemicals in industrial environments, you need Industrial Strength Chemical Application Equip- ment, designed to perform reliably within those challenging conditions. For the tough jobs and the harsh environments, Lafferty offers truly industrial strength systems, optimized to suit a range of different requirements. With numerous options for dilution control, the amount of chemical being applied can be finely managed to ensure that the job gets done with minimal chemical waste. Lafferty builds quality into every piece of chemical application equipment – from the precision machining of our foamer and sprayer bodies, to the careful selection of heavy-duty components, to the individual testing of every unit. This keeps Lafferty Equipment products working better and longer than any other brand. Once you experience Lafferty quality and performance, you will know that no other brand can be “just like a Lafferty”.