Lafferty Catalog 7 • Foggers & Fogging Systems

Lafferty 534 FOGGERS (Photos shown above, right) • Produces a heavy, "wet" fog • 28” flexible extension • High volume pickup capability Model # Description Compressed Air Volume CFM @ 80 PSI LPM 950400 534 Fogger 4.5 127.4 950411 534 Thumb Gun Fogger 4.5 127.4 HAND HELD AND SPECIALTY FOGGERS REQUIRES: COMPRESSED AIR @ 60 TO 80 PSI (4.1 TO 5.5 BAR), READY-TO-USE CHEMICAL SOLUTION • Venturi action – no moving parts • As compressed air passes through the venturi fogger body, ready-to-use (RTU) chemical solution is atomized. • The fogger will draw chemical up to 12 ft. vertically above chemical container/ tank. Foggers Features: • Machined fogger body (polypropylene / CPVC / stainless steel) • Chemical solution pick up tubing and strainer • Optional metering tips provide additional control over particle size. (Photos are not to scale, compared to other items on the page.) 394 BLAST FOGGERS (Photos shown below) Model # Description Compressed Air Volume CFM @ 80 PSI LPM 950600 394 Blast Fogger 13.0 368.1 950601SS 394SS Blast Fogger 13.0 368.1 • Thumb gun • Delivers a strong blast of chemical • Suitable for applications like degreasing, spot sanitizing or cleaning small areas. 950400 950411 950600—394 Blast Fogger 950601SS—394SS Blast Fogger Metal can not included. COMPACT FOGGER REQUIRES: COMPRESSED AIR @ 60 TO 100 PSI, READY-TO-USE CHEMICAL SOLUTION Model # Description 950001-B Compact Thumb Gun Fogger REQUIREMENTS / SPECIFICATIONS Ready-to-use chemical solution Compressed Air @ 80 PSI @ 5.5 bar 3.7 cfm 104.8 lpm Includes chemical tubes and strainer and polypropylene jug lid threaded to fit 1 3/4" Delta Cap openings. Includes: • 22 oz. bottle; • Machined polypropylene fogger body; • Color- coded metering tips (20) for refining particle size • Portable hose-end fogger makes it easy to apply chemicals in small and hard- to-reach areas where fixed location foggers are impractical • Draws pre-diluted chemical from the attached bottle, atomizes the solution and projects small to medium sized particles up to 15 feet • Lightweight 22 oz. bottle reduces wrist and arm fatigue as well as the risk of repetitive strain injuries • Easy to use! Just fill the bottle, connect compressed air and press the thumb gun activator • Industrial-strength materials and quality construction ensures that this unit will stand up to tough conditions 6 •CAT.7 Fax order • 800-699-3719