Lafferty Catalog 7 • Foggers & Fogging Systems

FOGGERS Fogger Delayed Start, Single Cycle Controller • Controller can be programmed to delay fogger start up for up to 6 hours after activation, fog for up to 60 minutes, and turn off. Model # Description 950820 Fogger Delayed Start, Single Cycle Controller – 180 CFM 950822 Fogger Delayed Start, Single Cycle Controller – 460 CFM Fogger PLC Jazz Controller • Allows variable settings for weekly, seasonal or holiday changes in hours of operation, peak and off-peak traffic demands. • Features straightforward, menu-driven programming options • Manual override for on and off cycles, without affecting the programming • NEMA 4 rated Control Box • PLC interface and manual override switch are IP 65 rated, for incidental over spray contact. Model # Description 950830 Fogger PLC Jazz Controller – 180 CFM 950832 Fogger PLC Jazz Controller – 460 CFM ELECTRONIC FOGGER CONTROLLERS REQUIRES: ELECTRICITY, COMPRESSED AIR @ 100 PSI Fogger Single Cycle Controller Model # Description 950800 Fogger Single Cycle Controller – 180 CFM 950802 Fogger Single Cycle Controller – 460 CFM • When activated, the controller starts fogger operation immediately and runs for a predetermined period of time —up to 2.84 hours — then switches off. Fogger Recycling Controller • Controller can be programmed to run foggers for up to 6 hours and be off for up to 6 hours. • Cycle will repeat until the unit is switched off or reprogrammed. Model # Description 950810 Fogger On/Off Recycling Controller – 180 CFM 950812 Fogger On/Off Recycling Controller – 460 CFM Solenoid Size CV Inlet /Outlet Air Pressure Air Volume PSI BAR CFM LPM 1/2 inch 4.19 100 in / 80 out 6.9 in / 5.5 out 180 5100 3/4 inch 10.49 100 in / 80 out 6.9 in / 5.5 out 460 13025 • Foggers can be activated either manually or electronically. • Lafferty offers four types of electronic controllers for use with venturi foggers, ranging from simple, single cycle settings to highly flexible programmable settings with multiple options. • Choice of two solenoid controlled air volume flow rates (CFM) for each type of controller. • Controller choice will depend on the intended application and the volume of compressed air the selected foggers require for operation. Fogger/ Controller Matching: • Select the type and number of foggers for the intended application • Add up the total CFM required for the selected foggers • The total CFM will determine what size solenoid is required: 1/2 inch for up to 180 CFM; 3/4 inch for 181 to 460 CFM • Select the controller that matches the total CFM requirements and has the functionality required for the application CAT.7• 5 E-mail order •